Facebook UI

A Deadspin reader tells a heart-wrenching story of a relationship gone awry. In addition to feeling sympathetic for the guy, it also occurred to me that this is the Solomon(s) sort of thing that UI design should really be all about. Screw wholesale nba jerseys usertesting.com, put yourself in your real customers’ shoes.

I have often The wondered why Facebook put their search box right next to Youth the “tell this to <a href="http://evansolomon viagra posologie vidal.me/notes/wikileaks-place-in-history/”>Wikileaks’ everyone in the world” box.

My status update was just the girls from the previous night name about ten times, often to within a couple cheap nba jerseys seconds of each other. To make matters worse about half of NFL them wholesale jerseys had the caps lock on. This clearly made me look like I was beyond obsessed, and potentially a cheap jerseys serial killer.

Full Don’t story on Deadspin.