Cogitate: A simple and readable WordPress theme

Over the weekend I wrote a new theme for this site, which I called “Cogitate”.

Cogitate: v. To take careful thought or think carefully about; ponder.

Cogitate is a child theme of the soon-to-be default WordPress theme, Twenty Twelve. It doesn’t change a ton, but I had a few goals with Cogitate that extended past Twenty Twelve:

  • Ridiculously readable text
  • Minimalism without sacrificing fanciness
  • Support a blog and an independent-but-consistently-styled front page

I just released the code on Github here:

For now, it’s going to stay only on Github and not on for two reasons. First, since I wrote Cogitate primarily for my own use there are probably some parts of the WordPress Theme Review that it wouldn’t pass. Second, I used a couple of PHP features introduced after 5.2.4, which is the minimum WordPress requirement. You can see those in the dependencies section of the README.

There are still a few things that I want to clean up, but overall I’m pretty happy with the result. Twenty Twelve is a great parent theme to work from.

7 thoughts on “Cogitate: A simple and readable WordPress theme

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  3. Praveen

    Hi Evan

    I installed this theme and it broke my WP-Admin, just to confirm I reverted to the previous snapshot of my virtualbox and repeated and it broke the admin again, any idea on the reason and how to fix this. basically the wp-admin throws a http 500 one installing this theme.


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